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Sept 15 - 16, 2017

Visiting Portland

Getting into Portland

If you’re flying in, you’ll want Portland International Airport, which is about 20 minutes driving from the city center.

Fun facts:

  • Portland has no sales tax (though there is a lodging tax)
  • The airport prohibits upcharging, so prices are the same as in the city
  • You can’t pump your own gas here (and must wait for an attendant instead)

Where to stay

Best for proximity: Hotel Deluxe (0.3 mi), The Westin Portland (0.4 mi), and Ace Hotel (0.4 mi). Pricing and availability are currently in flux, as there is a large food festival happening simultaneously during Affect.

Best for budget: Northwest Portland Hostel (0.8 mi, $34/night) and Society Hotel (1 mi, $59/night) both have shared bunks in addition to standard private rooms.

AirBnB is also available in Portland.

Getting here

The Eliot Center’s entrance is on 1226 SW Salmon St, between SW 12th and SW 13th Ave. Note: be careful not to confuse us with Eliot Tower, which is nearby, but a totally separate location.


Street parking may be tricky around the Eliot Center (the spots directly in front of the entrance are 90-min only and it doesn’t have spaces of its own), but there are two paid lots across from the venue.

  • U-Park Lot

    $12.50 daily max (on SW 12th, between SW Main & Salmon)
  • B&R Lawyer’s Lot

    $18 daily max (on SW Main, between SW 12th & 13th)

Public transit

TriMet is our public transit system, which encompasses the bus, MAX light rail, and streetcar. As the Eliot Center is located close to many stops and major routes, we’d highly recommend using TriMet’s handy trip planner and real-time arrival tracker.


There are five racks located in front of the Eliot Center and a Biketown bike share station at Director Park nearby, where you can rent bikes for $2.50/trip or $12/day.


The best local cab option is Radio Cab (503-227-1212). There is also Uber and Lyft available.

Lunch recommendations

Donuts, fruits, and granola bars will be available for breakfast snacking and you’ll have 1.5 hours to grab lunch around downtown Portland.

Sit-down spots

Food carts

Portland’s biggest food cart pod is just 0.4 mi away. The Alder St Food Cart Pod spans SW Alder St and is home to some of the city’s staples, including:

Dessert break

Where to caffeinate

Coffee and tea will be available onsite, but here are recommendations just in case!


Tea & cocoa

Portland has many great tea places, but most of them aren’t near our venue, unfortunately.